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Blueberry-Buttermilk Smoothie

Of the many things I don’t understand, one of the biggest is why people don’t like buttermilk. I love it. Very few things make me want to lick the container. It is so utterly delicious that I almost cry for joy when I drink it. I know it’s a little dramatic, but that’s me. I […]

Thud and Blood

Last month, I was invited to go fourwheeling. I had only done it once before and that was a few years ago. It took me some time to get used to how to operate the one I was using. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

Wahtum Lake

Yesterday, I was with some friends in Hood River, Oregon. I needed to get to Oregon City. I wanted to show him sights that were new to him rather than going back via the freeway. I knew a back way that went over some pretty rugged roads very close to Mt. Hood. 1 person likes this post. Like […]