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Some Like It Hot

People who know me well know that I really don’t like chicken, but spice it up, add some veggies and especially peanuts, and I’ll gobble it right up. Kung Pao Chicken, I love you!

Senior Vocal Recital

In December 2006, I graduated from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. I received a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. As part of my senior year, I decided to take voice lessons for senior credit. My teacher was Konstantin Kvach. He was magnificent. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

Blueberry-Buttermilk Smoothie

Of the many things I don’t understand, one of the biggest is why people don’t like buttermilk. I love it. Very few things make me want to lick the container. It is so utterly delicious that I almost cry for joy when I drink it. I know it’s a little dramatic, but that’s me. I […]

Weird Lips

Weird Lips I get a lot of comments about my very strange picture on top of my blog. It shows me with a very wild look and screwed up mouth. I think it almost looks like someone from “The Simpsons“. I thought maybe I would explain it for those who don’t like it or think […]

Creamy or Crunchy

A few days ago, I saw a few bags of groceries on the table that my wife had bought and hadn’t put away. In one bag, I found two large jars of chunky peanut butter. I couldn’t believe it. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

Where Are the Gauchos?

Back in October, my favorite cookie company filed for bankruptcy. The great cookies disappeared from the shelf. Most notably missed are the Gauchos. They are a peanut butter sandwich cookie that, in my ever so humble opinion, are ten times better than Nutter Butter. Then in December, Kellogg’s announced that they were buying the brand […]

Why I Didn’t Like the New Star Trek Movie

Note: This contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen this film yet, you might want to wait and read this later. I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard trekkie, although I’ve seen all of the original series many times over and have now seen all of the movies. I don’t collect any memorabilia and I don’t […]

Pepperoni Chowder

I stumbled across this wonderful stuff. It’s called Buttery Sweet Corn All Natural Soup made by Pacific Natural Foods in Tualatin, Oregon.  It has a wonderful, sweet corn taste. I first bought it thinking it looked interested. Cooked up by itself, it’s delicious. 2 people like this post. Like Unlike

My Postscript Mentor Business Card

In addition to software engineering, I mentor developmentally disabled adults in life skills. I teach various sills related to community living and being included in community activities. I developed a business card to give to agencies and clients that outlined some of the things I teach. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

Bonneville Dam

In March of 2007, I took clients to visit Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River between the states of Oregon and Washington. I took some photographs and videos of the dam, visitors center, power house, and locks. I put them together into this little film. We were fortunate that day that the locks were being […]