My work, my ideas, my faith, my life


Welcome to my web site. My name is Stephen Rex Goode, but everyone calls me “Rex”. I’ve been around on the world wide web for a long time. In my life, I’ve been around the block a time or two. Hang out here and get to know me a little.

I’ve got things going on all over the place and I’m interested in way too many things. I can be a little confusing sometimes, especially to myself. No apologies. If something I say or do doesn’t make sense to you, ask me about it. I’ll either give you a good explanation that will set your mind at ease, or I’ll confuse you even more. Query at your own risk.

My life is full of paradoxes. For example, I’ve had a twenty-three year career as a data processing professional and recently graduated from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work. Computer nerd and social worker? Well, they don’t often go together, but I’m both. At the time of the writing of this introduction, I’m involved in both.

There are a few more such puzzles about me, but I’ll let you discover them as you browse around this site.

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