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Not Feeling Overloaded

I just completed a project for a biochemist using Java to create a tool for some analysis work. I’m being vague about the nature of the project because it’s confidential and not complete. I just wanted to celebrate a little by talking about it. I first learned object-oriented program using C++ a very long time […]

Some Don’t Like It Hot

Truly, the Portland area has been a cold, wet place for the last year. I remember on many mornings, standing outside my club while waiting, sarcastically chiming in when people groused about the cold morning, “Global warming!”

My Pad Thai Scares Me

So often, I sit down in a restaurant and see the little “spicy” icon on the menu. I eagerly order the item thinking, “This is gonna be good!” I dive in with my fork and wonder where the spiciness is. It is very disappointing. That’s because most people’s idea of “hot” is my idea of mild.