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Not Feeling Overloaded

And Wishing I Were

By Rex Goode

I just completed a project for a biochemist using Java to create a tool for some analysis work. I’m being vague about the nature of the project because it’s confidential and not complete. I just wanted to celebrate a little by talking about it.

I first learned object-oriented program using C++ a very long time ago and it really appealed to me. I was self-taught. Then, one day, when working for a consulting company, I got the opportunity for my employer to pay for a week-long class in Java. I liked the way it relied on the same concepts of C++ I had come to enjoy: classes, object, and polymorphism. What it doesn’t do is operator overloading. Well, there are some other things it doesn’t do, but that’s my biggest beef.

I liked the term “overloading” because it sounded like the way I eat or the way I sometimes run my life.  Sad, eh? In fact, my overloading with food has caused me no end of polymorphisizing (new word I just made up). I kind of inherited this. Most people in my family I have known have gone from skinny to fat in a very short time. What I’m waiting for is the point where they got skinny again.

In my instance, I’m still a pretty big object. Don’t worry, I still have class.

So, if this post seems a little abstract, you’re catching on.

Let me encapsulate this post. There is a method to my madness. Object-oriented programmers will figure it out.

Let me just say this. I’d rather be a constructor than a destructor, anyday.

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  1. Shrone Johnson said:

    Greetings Mr. Goode,

    I hope all is well in all you do. Please forgive me for posting a non-relate-able question to this post, but i was afraid wouldn’t be able to reach you through WordPress. It appears your Forum Restricted plug-in is something I need due to there will be teens posting on my site. Unfortunately I have absolutely no css c++ or any of the IT skills needed for web development today. Would your plug-in be good for someone like me? You have what I need, but lack the skills to fix anything if something goes wrong.

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