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I Hate Falling

When I was young, I was quite agile and confident in situations where the possibility of falling existed. I could cross logs with ease, walk up rocky trails, stand on the end of cliffs, and walk without fear.

My Pad Thai Scares Me

So often, I sit down in a restaurant and see the little “spicy” icon on the menu. I eagerly order the item thinking, “This is gonna be good!” I dive in with my fork and wonder where the spiciness is. It is very disappointing. That’s because most people’s idea of “hot” is my idea of mild.

There Are the Gauchos!

On May 19, 2009, I posted one of the saddest blog posts of my life, “Where Are the Gauchos?” Due to the bankruptcy of Mother’s Cookies and Kellogg buying them up without making Peanut Butter Gauchos, I was looking at a bleak future without my favorite packaged cookies.

I’ve loved them since I was a kid. To me, they beat out Oreos and especially Nutter Butters. Don’t get me wrong. Both of these cookies are really good. I still delight to dunking an Oreo in milk and letting it get all smushy. I love to dunk a Nutter Butter too, but nothing is quite so wonderful squished between my tongue and my palate as a soggy Gaucho.So, the other day I was at a grocery store with a client. He disappeared down an aisle. When I went back to look for him, he had two packages of Gauchos in his cart. I rushed down the cookie aisle and found them there. They were even on sale! The package says, “They’re Back!” I am happy again.

Some Like It Hot

People who know me well know that I really don’t like chicken, but spice it up, add some veggies and especially peanuts, and I’ll gobble it right up. Kung Pao Chicken, I love you!

Wahtum Lake

Yesterday, I was with some friends in Hood River, Oregon. I needed to get to Oregon City. I wanted to show him sights that were new to him rather than going back via the freeway. I knew a back way that went over some pretty rugged roads very close to Mt. Hood. 1 person likes this post. Like […]

Sugar-Free Choices

I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. The nutrionist said I could have the occasional sugary soda as long as I count it as a carbohyhdrate exchange and not exceed my carbohydrate allowance. Well, that doesn’t help much if you go to a a fast food place with friends or to a theatre to […]

Weight For Me

It seems to run in my family on my mother’s side that children begin life small and very thin. All of my cousins on that side of my family and all of my aunts–my mother’s sisters–were so thin as children and adolescents that people thought they were undernourished. It is also a trait of these […]