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What Not to Wear

So, we’re down in California for the birth of our latest grandchild. While our daughter and grandchild were still in the hospital, our son-in-law asked us to go to the grocery store a pick up a few things. We were happy to help Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Does Your Face Hurt?

Yesterday in Portland, the weed pollen count was very high. I was out in the community teaching a client how to get around town in the Portland transit system known as Tri-Met. By the end of the day, my sinuses were plugged up badly, my eyes were itching like crazy, and my ears were full. […]

Not Sure What to Think

After my online revelation in Tired of Making It Look Easy, I went to church. I am the music director, meaning that I stand up front during hymns, wave a baton, and try to keep the congregation singing together. People generally look up now and then to watch me, but often I feel like I’m […]

Weird Lips

Weird Lips I get a lot of comments about my very strange picture on top of my blog. It shows me with a very wild look and screwed up mouth. I think it almost looks like someone from “The Simpsons“. I thought maybe I would explain it for those who don’t like it or think […]

Creamy or Crunchy

A few days ago, I saw a few bags of groceries on the table that my wife had bought and hadn’t put away. In one bag, I found two large jars of chunky peanut butter. I couldn’t believe it. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike