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Not Sure What to Think

By Rex Goode

After my online revelation in Tired of Making It Look Easy, I went to church. I am the music director, meaning that I stand up front during hymns, wave a baton, and try to keep the congregation singing together. People generally look up now and then to watch me, but often I feel like I’m up there alone.

I joked with someone that if people watched me during the hymns, I’d know that a lot of people read my blog. I didn’t really notice any difference today, so I can’t really be sure. I couldn’t tell by that.

Since I first published the blog entry on 7/26/09, over 235 people have read it with 18 comments on the blog and several on facebook. Other than my wife, there were only two responses from members of my ward. One was on facebook and the other on my blog. The one on facebook was from someone whose comment left me thinking she only looked at the funny picture at the top of my blog.

A long-time friend of mine in the ward told me about one other person who read my blog. I had a brief conversation with that peson today, but there was no mention of what I wrote.

I spoke to the woman from my ward who did give me a substantive response and thanked her for helping feel safe in going to church today. Got a nice hug from her and we joked a little about me.

Other than that, it was business as usual. I directed sacrament meeting music. I participated in Sunday School. I saw two of my grandchildren in the foyer during their ward’s sacrament meeting. I taught the High Priest Group lesson.ย  It’s was a pretty average Sunday.

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2 Responses to “Not Sure What to Think”

  1. steve said:

    I’ve long ago stopped trying to get anxious about whether anyone reads my blog. There’s no really reliable way to tell anyway, since counters are often blocked and people often don’t comment. I have to admit, however, you’ve come up with a rather unique metric to sample your readership. ๐Ÿ™‚

    At any rate, I think the people you’d most want to share your experiences with and know they’d understand (or at least be willing to try) would be the ones you’d not notice much reaction from on Sunday.

  2. Melissa Marriott said:

    two of your grandchildren were in the foyer alone!!! Where was their inattentive irresponsible mother? She was either invisable or very very naughty!


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