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Bonneville Dam

By Rex Goode

In March of 2007, I took clients to visit Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River between the states of Oregon and Washington. I took some photographs and videos of the dam, visitors center, power house, and locks. I put them together into this little film. We were fortunate that day that the locks were being closed the next day for repairs. It meant there was a lot of traffic coming down the river trying to get through the lock before it would be closed for two weeks. We happened to catch a barge full of wheat going through the lock. There was just inches between the sides of the barge and the sides of the lock, but the pilot boat inserted the barge into the lock with only one very brief and minor touching of the sides. It was very impressive. The barge also barely fit lengthwise, but the pilot stopped at exactly the right spot for the gates to open and close.

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