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Where Are the Gauchos?

By Rex Goode

gauchosBack in October, my favorite cookie company filed for bankruptcy. The great cookies disappeared from the shelf. Most notably missed are the Gauchos. They are a peanut butter sandwich cookie that, in my ever so humble opinion, are ten times better than Nutter Butter.

Then in December, Kellogg’s announced that they were buying the brand and some of the recipes.  Last week, I started seeing them on the shelves. I spent twenty minutes looking for the Gauchos. They weren’t there. I’ve gone to other stores, other chains, and looked on line. Still no Gauchos.

Where are they? I want my Gauchos! Help me get them back. Go to Kellogg’s Contact Us page and ask them to bring back Gauchos.

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5 Responses to “Where Are the Gauchos?”

  1. Mel Marriott said:

    Daddy! Gouchos are not good for your diabetes!

  2. Rex Goode said:

    Sure they are!

  3. Troy said:

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  4. Rex Goode » There Are the Gauchos! said:

    […] May 19, 2009, I posted one of the saddest blog posts of my life, “Where Are the Gauchos?” Due to the bankruptcy of Mother’s Cookies and Kellogg buying them up without making […]

  5. Holly Phillips said:

    I was wondering what happened to Gauchos peanut butter cookies? yours was the only cookie I likes of commercial ones. Will you please bring them back? There is no other Peanut and your company had the best!

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