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Grandpa’s List

My Kids-Can-Do List in the Columbia River Gorge

By Rex Goode

Bluff Over Oneonta Gorge

As my son’s wedding approaches and it brings our family from various places. We are going to also have a big family picnic in the Columbia River Gorge. Here is my list of things that families with small children can do. Feel free to add any ideas in the comments below.

  • Bonneville Dam fish ladder.
  • Bonneville Lock, amazing when a barge comes through. Only open in the afternoon.
  • Tanner Creek Fish Hatchery including Herman the Sturgeon and feeding the trout.
  • Tanner Creek trail to a small waterfall along a gravel road, short hike. $5 parking fee or free if you ride with Grandpa.
  • Shepherd’s Dell, a very short hike down to a waterfall.
  • Bridal Veil hike, mostly paved, but steep, to a view of a big waterfall.
  • Latourell Falls, steep paved hike to a very tall waterfall.
  • Wahkeena Falls, moderately steep paved hike to a bridge next to the waterfall.
  • Multnomah Falls moderately steep paved hike to a bridge facing the waterfall.
  • Oneonta Gorge–can’t hike back anymore because of a log jam. You can go down the stone steps to the stream. There’s a tunnel there now.
  • Horsetail Falls, just to look at and play around near the pond.
  • Iron Mike mineral water well. Tastes nasty, but very good for you. I kind of like it.
  • Benson Lake. Fee to park. Wading.
  • Eagle Creek nature trail. Very nice trail for kids. Cross a suspension bridge over the creek. Ask Grandpa to jump up and down and shake the bridge. $5 parking fee or free if you ride with Grandpa.
  • Drive over the Bridge of the Gods and visit the north side of the Bonneville Dam. Also has a fish ladder and a view over the powerhouse. Three tours a day take you right up next to a generator.
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